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PostSubject: 02. RULES OF THE FORUM 01.05.13 0:59

General Rules
The rules are there to be followed

Hello and Welcome to the world of Papercut ! Before starting your adventure, it is very important that you read and understand these rules. It may seem like a lot to read, but we guarantee that they are simple and easy to follow ! Being knowledgeable of them can also avoid problems later on and if you have any questions after this, don't hesitate to refer to our F.A.Q.
Thank you ♥

When you register, the username you choose should preferably be the name of your character. The name should follow the format NAME + FAMILLY NAME. Numbers and symbols are prohibited.
(We don't want any HelloKitty001265°LOVE Please.)

If you wish to modify your username, just ask the mods via your character's BIO. If you already had a character and still want to change the name, contact an administrator via private messaging.
You can take the same familly name as someone else on the forum. BUT if it bothers the user, however, you will be asked to change it. It's first come, first served afterall.
Names of already existing characters, in real life or not, are prohibited to a certain extent. I'm sure you can be creative enough to find your character it's own name.
There is no nationnality restrictions, so go ahead. Your character can have a chinese, russian, indonesian name we don't mind ! It can even be more fantasy-ish, as long as your character as a name that's his own.


Your avatar should be 200*320 pixels at best. It is defined that way to make sure we don't deform the forum.
Your avatar cannot represent real things or people. It has to be a drawing. It can not be your drawing as long as it's something that was drawn.
If you have no idea what sort of avatars you want to use, you can always go order one HERE or go look at our available avatars HERE.

Signatures should not take more than 550*350 pixels. Anything bigger or additionnal should be added under the spoiler tag.
Just like the avatars, it cannot represent something that is real. No real person or objects.
Just like the avatars, you can always go order a signature if you want one in this section HERE. All you need to do is use the form we are providing you in the topic and post it in the forum made for it.
Publicity in the form of signatures is strickly forbidden as well as shocking content. Keep it nice where everyone can see.


Please get proper grammar. We don't want to be grammar nazis, but it would be painful if you posted a reply to someone in SMS text. Proper english please. The only place on the forum that makes an exception of this is the Chitter-chatter section. So please, keep this in mind when you post in the forum:

No SMS format text.
Proper grammar, and if you are uncertain, use a dictionnary or even get the spell check in microsoft word. If anyone knows of an online spell check, that is efficient, please tell us so we can link everyone.
Don't forget to look at the RP Rules HERE.


Respect is like the golden rule of everything in the forum. Wether it's about respecting the rules of the forum, the character creation guidelines as well as the staff and members, respect comes in great importance. But to make sure it is all very clear, we will list the golden rules here.

We don't want any racist, sexist, homophobic, violent, sexual or heinous talk here. Be it towards a certain group or certain individual, we don't want any of that. Anyone who as any of these in their post shall be severly punished by the almighty admin.
Keep in mind that you have to address everyone with respect. be it a staff or a member, you need to stay respectful even if you have a different point of view on a subject. If you really need to sort this out, do so by private messaging. If it gets too out of hand, the staff will intervene or if you feel like you are being attacked by someone, do not hesitate to contact the staff. We won't tolerate any lack of respect. AT ALL.
Keep in mind that we are all human and patience is also a good thing to have. It also gets into the respect section because, if you pressure anyone into doing something, that is considered being disrespectful. Give the person a certain amount of time and keep watch over the leaves topic HERE in case it a leave was announced in it.
We don't want any publicity anywhere unless it is allowed in the proper section. Only active member may promote othe forums or website, as long as it follows the publicity regulations HERE.
DO NOT give someone's informations to anyone, like photos, adress, emails, real name to anyone without their consent. Preferably, it should not be spread around AT ALL. Keep your personnal affairs outside of the group. Share emails if you want, throught MP, but do not disclose of personnal information at all. Public information could be seen by anyone, even non-members, so keep it private and outside of the forum.

I hope this clears it all. Respect all !


If you do not know what codes are, please refer to this topic HERE to know what they are and how to use them.

For people who knows or will know what these are, please make sure you understand that there are limits to the codes you can use on this forum because of how it is. Never make a code width larger than 700px. Please, make sure you understand how codes work and previsualise them before posting to avoid mistakes and distorting the forum. It would normally be minor, but if you aren't adept with them, either use free service codes or request one from one of our coders. We would take them gladly.

Technically, you can use codes, but make sure they don't make your post unreadable and don't distort the forum. That's all we ask.


We have a section for the flood, which is a term that refers to ''talk in OOC''. It also refers to anything not in the role-playing section. Which is what the Chitter-Chatter section is there for. Please avoid spamming a role-play with useless rambles that can become longer than the actual role-play post. If you feel like talking abotu something, either make a topic in this section HERE or PM each other, thank you.


We don't have a chatbox right now, for many reasons.

It deforms the forum.
We already have a section for flood on the forum.
You can exchange emails if you feel like it.

The Chatbox, from our experience, brings out a lot of drama or awkwardness and we want to avoid it for now.


Do not double post, and instead, simply edit your post if you want to modify your answer or add a detail. We will accept a double post if a topic has been dead for a month.
Do not up a message evryday, you will both get a warning and annoy everyone else with your nagging. This is also disrespectful of everyone. People have a life, deal with it and get some patience, bro.


Double accounts are PROHIBITED. It isn't necessary as you are allowed to have as many characters as you can handle on one account. Of course, we will refuse if you aren't being active with one or two, but otherwise, double accounts are a big NO. Your account must be the name of your main character and if you get second characters, their name must be in your signature in order for us to recognise who is their user.
All secondary characters need to heve their own bio amde and go throught the same process as the first one, but their need to be in the same note pad as the main.
The note pad section should be helpful in that case, in order to understand how to put both character informations on it without confusing others and yourself. So read about it HERE.


If you want to become and affiliate with us, don't hesitate to ask us HERE. However, publicity on the forum is prohibited ! Even in the flood section. You can exchange PM with other people if it so happens that you are talking about somethign and want to link them or show them, but explicit publicity is prohibited. Publicity throught PM is also discouraged as it will be punished.

If you are victim of PM publicity, please contact an admin immediately in order to stop this. It's disrespectful to send random publicity to people. We already have enough in our lives, we don't need people send more to us. Thank you.


We won't tolerate plagiarism. If it is found anywhere without proper referencing, it shall be punished with a warning, and if it persist (up to three times), it will go up to a permanent ban from the forum.
Also, if it is found to be used in a RP reply, even if it is referenced, it won't be tolerated. Copy-pasting a reply from somewhere else is an insult to your fellow RP-er and as such, is formely banned.


Warnings are the consequences you get when you do not follow the rules. Usually, the amount of warnings you get a maximum before a ban is three. For regular, minor breakings of the rules. For example :

You get one warning if you do not respect someone.
You get a second warning for promoting something in your signature (advertisement).
You get a third warning because you made a double-post.
You get a ban at the fourth time you break a rule.

Of course, these are switchable, you could have gotten your first warning because of a double-post or second, the order doesn't matter. What's important here is that these are minonr infractions. Minor infraction that can be dealt with quickly will be going with the 3 warning system. A bigger infraction like divulging profanities on the forum, mass spamming, etc will earn the person a ban.

Bans come in two types : Temporary and permanent. Someone who went througth all the warnings will get a temporary ban before getting another set of three warnings and be banned permanently. Anyone doing a major infraction gets a temporary ban immediately. If it doesn't change anythign even after they return, it becomes a permanent ban.

It's actually quite simple. As logn as you follow the rules and use respect, you shoudl be fine, really.

We will make a clear what is a minor infraction and what's a major infraction sheet eventually.


After all, even with all these rules, a forum is made to have fun. As long as everything is done with respect, you shouldn't get into any trouble !
Enjoy role-playing in the world of Papercut !

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PostSubject: Re: 02. RULES OF THE FORUM 25.05.13 19:10

Role-play Rules
The rules are there to be followed
We won't mind too much about the length of a post, however, we do appreciate a good use of grammar and syntax. A text full of mistakes can be painful to read and make the experience of role-playing pretty bad.

We don't mind about how you format your text, as long as speech, thoughts and actions are separated properly in order for everyone to understand. Here is an example of a clear post :

Sydney had trouble sleeping at night, for some reason. No matter what she tried to do, it didn't seem to be working ! It was getting tiring for her. She stood up, making her way to the kitchen for some water, hoping that it may help her.

- It's so annoying...

She said as she walked. This is really annoying, she noted mentally... [...]

Basically, you can color and change fonts however you like, as long as it's clear.
Also, if you use codes in a post, refer to the rules about their usage. Anything that deforms the forum won't be allowed.

Subjects that involves things like yaoi, yuri or hentai are allowed, but please mark your topic title accordingly. Include [R-18] in your title to make sure that all the people who will see this, will know wether or not to read it. Also, make sure all your RPs aren't R-18. We are a RP forum, not a porn forum. And even with the warning, keep it proper. Nothing too rude as there can be underaged members.

Fighting is allowed, but please no killing or god modding in these occassions. Make sure to keep tabs of what happens in a OOC comment under your role-play or PM the owner of the character you fight with to ask her if the course of actions you wish to take is fine with them. Overall, just do not God-Mod.

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