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[Help Corner] Papercut Guide 101

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PostSubject: [Help Corner] Papercut Guide 101 01.05.13 1:07

How to start
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Hello and welcome all to the world of Papercut ! If you are new and lost, don't worry, this guide was amde for you ! Everything that you need to know about the forum will be linked in there, so you can follow it step by step to get familliar with the forum, context and navigation around. Everything you need to know and read will be there as well as some neat bits of information that can always be useful, new or not.
Without further ado, enjoy reading and have fun on Papercut !

1 - Step One

The very first thing you should do once you register or if you are just passing by, is read the context of the forum. Knowing the universe and main storyline of the forum is important. It will help when you create your character and also during role-plays.
> Read the context here <

The next most important thing to do would be to look at the rules. These are the most vital and important part of the forum. In these, you will get a grasp of the overall requirements we ask of you in order for the forum to work properly. They are very simple rules and usually they apply in most places and communities, but it is still required to read them.
> Read the rules here <

1 - Step Two

If you haven't registered, you may do so now, and if you are, welcome ! Once you are in, you may want to start working on your character. If you have a hard time with thinking of a character, we have a character making guide just for this and you can find it there :
> How to make a character or use a pre-made one <

If you have a solid grasp of what you want to do and are ready to start making your character, head to the Character Bios section. You will need the template to make your character's bio, that you can find there :
> Character Template <

And once you are done, wait for an admin to validate you. This can take a few minutes up to a day, so please be patient and absolutely no bumping of the character bio. Admins and Mods have a life, so stay respectful towards this.

1 - Step Three

Once you are validated, you can take a look at the following forum to understand it better :
> News & Announcements <

You might want to jump into the members conversation and games by going to the chitter-chatter section, where all the out of character stuff happens.
> Chat Section <
> Games Section <

For role-playing, you can do so in the appropriate section, which are as followed.
> Paper World <
> Regular World <

If you don't know how to post a message, wether it's to make your character bio or posting in the forum, here is a small step by step tutorial with images here, just click on the spoiler tag to reveal it.


There is also a list of other things going on the forum here :

> To order an avatar or signature <
> To show off your talent in drawing, writing or coding <
> The OOC RP <

Each sections as it's own description and rules, so you may want to start looking at these if you ever wonder what a section is for. Hopefully, it won't be too hard but if you have a question, you can always ask an Admin or a Mod by PM.

PM's are the simplest way to get information quickly, but don't abuse them or use them for no reason.
To PM a mod or an Admin, you can click on your ''You have no new messages'' in the upper menu, right under the banner. From there, click on ''Nouveau'' and a text box should appear.
In the username section, you can type the admin or mod username. Then you enter a subject. Preferably something clear that will indicate what your question is. Then, you can write your question or request in the big text box. Once you are done, you can click on the send button, and that's all !

You can also refer to our F.A.Q. if you have a question, or if you want to see if anyone has already asked the same question.

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[Help Corner] Papercut Guide 101

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