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PostSubject: 06. CREDITS AND THANKS 01.05.13 1:12

✕ We would like to thank forumactif, never utopia, CSS actif, libre graph', Cocktail Graph', and Keith for all the coding help we got to make the forum look like it does right now. All due copyrights are in their respective place and are not to be changed.

Design ver 1.0 made by the Boss and Keith.
Most images are made by us.

The context of our forum was thought and written by KyButts. Everything that relates to it, was written by KyButts and the Boss.

Special thanks for all the people who supported us while we were making this forum. I'm talking about Keith, Kitty, Namou and everyone who were kind enough to look and comment about the forum. Thank you.

Thank you and if we missed anything, please PM an admin.
Thank you.

This forum is optimised for the following browsers : Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome.
It is also best viewed in larger screens (1440 at minimum) but isn't mandatory to be a part of our world.
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